Genas Empiales

Genas is originally from Negros Oriental. She is a mother of 6 and grandmother of 2. She and her husband have gone through unimaginable struggles, having lost 4 children to Sepsis. 2 of her children passed away at a very young age and 2 passed away in their teen years.

The Rise Above Foundation raised funds to help Genas cover the medical bills for her youngest daughter who also became severely ill, showing symptoms of Sepsis. Today, her daughter is happy and healthy, and the foundation has sponsored her education.

Genas joined the livelihood after being invited by her friend and neighbor, Evelyn. Prior to this, her husband struggled to find work as a construction worker.

Once Genas joined, she was able to provide for her family, which became a wonderful new start for her. Today, Genas is a happy mother and wife, and are in a much better place financially.

Genas has also taught her daughter, Jelin, he art of weaving and creating Recybags.

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