Imelda and Juanita


Imelda is from Samboan, she has 8 children. She worked full time very hard for a few years making Beach Bags. She became a widow in 2018, she was only 45 years old.

Her husband passed away from a sudden heart attack. She is now making bags part time as having to teach her younger children at home is a big challenge and time consuming.

Rise Above Foundation sponsors the education of her younger kids and helps Imelda with food and donations.


Juanita was from Carcar, a mother of 6 and responsible for the design of the everyday bag. She was with the bag making group from its very beginning.

Juanita enjoyed teaching others and was very patient, she had a great sense of humour.

Sadly, brave Juanita passed away a few years ago from breast cancer. She died peacefully, surrounded by her family.

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