Jean Sayson

Jean is originally from Bohol. She is a dedicated mother of 4 children. She had joined the livelihood program after being taught how to weave by her neighbor, Perry.

Before joining the livelihood, Jean and her husband struggled to find steady income.
For years, they would resort to selling water in plastic bags in bus stations or collecting pieces of metal from the garbage to sell to others, just to be able to afford a meal for their families.
Life was extremely difficult for them.

Since joining the program, Jean has become a very talented weaver and teacher. She learned the art quickly and improved her english, eventually becoming the translator for the team.

Jean and her family are now living a much better life, not having to worry about their food or various expenses. Jean is a proud leader and trainer whenever the foundation conducts bag making training in different communities around Cebu.

The Foundation has also renovated her home for her family to live much more comfortably and has sponsored the education of her daughter.

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