Peregrina Acabal

Perry is from Badlan and is a proud mother of 7 children and grandmother of 4. As a single parent, it was a constant struggle for her to provide for her large family. She always tried her best, working odd jobs just to be able to put food on their table. More than often, they could only afford to eat once a day.

When she heard about the livelihood program, Perry worked tirelessly to perfect the art of bag making as she saw this as a great opportunity to earn and have a new lease on life.

Today, Perry is a skilled bag maker and designer, she specializes in the everyday bags. She is determined to rise above her condition and help her children have a better future.

Rise Above Foundation also built her a new home, to house her large family and having her dream come true.

Perry is incredibly dedicated and has even taught some of her older children the art of weaving and bag making for the program. The Foundation has also sponsored the schooling of a few of her children.

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